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Yale Alum, 5-20k MRR

The value I get from the Founders Cafe community is a group of successful founders who already have revenue. Every time I ask a question, multiple people will respond with customized answers and options. Since everyone is pre-vetted, I know it's information I can trust from people who understand my position. And since its only founders - no investors or mentors - I can ask "dumb" questions freely and get the help I really need.

I love the community of people who genuinely want to help and learn from other founders. Its nice to feel like you are working on a team when you are a solo founder.

For who should join: Anyone in the startup space that is working solo. The have to value being committed and your annual fee helps weed out the people who don't. I think you are on to something.

- Solo first time marketplace founder in SF,

John Whaley from Stanford raise 100m from a16z and more


Stanford PhD, Raised $100M

UnifyID was acquired by Prove last year, so I'm plotting my next move

I have experience raising tons of money (~$100M in total) from top VCs (a16z, NEA, Khosla, HCP, ...) at favorable terms (e.g. uncapped SAFE notes). I can also make investor intros and help you run a process. I joined to meet more diverse founders.

When I met Ananya, I was really impressed. Not only did we share similar backstories, but we were really complementary. Ananya has amazing marketing skills, and I learned a lot from her. At the same time, she needed help raising her next round, and that was where I could help her.

I signed on for a year after this.

- 2 exits (Series B + Series D), solo founder in Palo Alto,


Harvard Alum, ex-VC

I've met many awesome people and learned from what they are doing/have done (both successes and mistakes). I was also able to help out some others (in giving feedback, connecting to venture capitalists, etc). It makes me feel like I'm both giving and getting a lot out of this community, and I'd be sad for it to disappear. I also find the events very valuable and try to go to as many as I can! Hearing what they're doing and have done, getting advice, getting to know them beyond a LinkedIn Profile - struggling together!

For who should join: I would say any founders who recognize that they have something to give and take. Meaning, they are willing to share war stories/give advice, but also know that there is something they could learn from others, even if those other founders aren't as far along as them.

- Solo first time founder, living in Boston with a young founder + VC network

Pat Yiu Founder of Raise 4 million Tech Stars Web3


Tech Stars, 4 mil raised, ex-Cloud-9

Founder's cafe has been a great way for me to chat quickly with other founders and share ideas / support them. Meeting other founders, bouncing ideas in the subgroups, learning about topics I'm not familiar with.
For who should join: New founders who are looking to grow their network. There's a mix of serial entrepreneurs and new founders and it's really cool to see both sides.

- 4-time founder with 1 exit, industry expert in esport,

Charles Javelona Founders of Buji.Tv


Startup acquired in college, raised $8 mil

I built a good network in Founders Cafe to take Buji next level. Network from SF to which helps me get introes to investors. Additionally, I learned new things from other founders that I wouldn't have learned by myself.

For who should join: Early stage founders with or without intent of raising funds.

- 3rd time founder. Toronto, Canada,

Ben Sand raised 100m, solo founder from Austrialia


2x YC Founder, Raised $100M

I've co/founded have brought in over $100M. I've advised companies who have brought in a similar amount as well. I've hired over 700 engineers + elite scientists, managers, designers. hiring A+ executives (3-12months per close). Running largest internship program at several universities.

In general, more than happy (probably too happy) to help any other founders.

- Solo founder and Solo dad from Australia.

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introsss!!!! woooo!!!

Raise millions from Top Tier VCs

When Ananya joined, she had raised from goodwater, etc. but was starting a new round.

John Whaley (raised $100m from a16z, etc.) was able to help her prep for the call, send out intros, and eventually raise more money :D

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discuss sales/marketing challenges!

Get to 5m ARR faster

When Luigi first joined, he was a solo founder with 0 funding, 0 customers.

With the help of Nils, Charles, Bobo...

He got paying customers, raised $1m+, & got into YC

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Luigi La Corte co-working with other founders

Make Top Tier Friends

Whenever I'm stuck, I hit up friends like
- Christina (harvard MBA) with sales challenges
- Tom (ex-fintech) with community challenges
- Charles (ex-4 mil funded) with VC challenges

We met through discord and events: Product Feedback, Pitch Deck Review, Sales, Marketing Feedback, Ideas Session, Strategy Review, Yash (SurfaceVC) Office hours, Ben Sand (x2 YC, Raised $100M), Office Hours, Speaker events (Eg: "Fundraising Hacks")

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"By far the most active, supportive community I've been in"
- Orri, Vaelabs, $50k rev
^ Got funded by Tim Draper after joining & getting an intro
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Maddie Wang founders of founders cafe solo founder
Maddie Wang
Gay / Stanford / Made $180k through Minecraft & Amazon

I'm building Founders Cafe because being a solo founder can be really isolating. When I left Stanford to work on another startup, I lost 4 co-founders and a best friend. I woke up with anxiety, coded all day alone, and slept alone.

Now I wake up surrounded by friends -- Charles, Selena, Tom, Max, Heidi & more -- who support me every day! :)

If you're interested in joining the Founders Cafe, let's talk and if it's a good fit, down to invite you!
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Pricing: This group is for high quality founders who are serious about building community, not flakers. If selected, the membership would be $1890/yr 

Timezones: Events are held around 8:30 am PT. We have members across the world in USA, London, India, and more. We'll make sure to record the event! :D
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